Typical Conventional Processing Expenses:

  • Interchange Fee
  • Discount Fee
  • Transaction Fee
  • APF

  • NABU
  • Dues
  • Assessments
  • Monthly Fee

  • Annual Fee
  • Terminal Fee
  • PCI Fee
  • PCI Non-compliance Fee

Do you know what all those fees are for?  Which ones are negotiable and which are not?  If you’re promised a lower rate, but a higher terminal or annual fee, do you come out ahead?

What you really care about is your Effective Rate, which means at the end of the day, are you paying more for your credit card processing or less?

Free consultation:

Schedule a time with MyCardGuys to sit down and go over your current statement.  All the fees on your current statement will be explained.  If possible, we will show you how you can come out ahead.  If we cannot get you a lower effective rate than you currently have, we will tell you to stick with your current processor.  No sales pitch.  No BS.  No contracts.  No sneaky price increases.  Guaranteed!

Easy Transition:

Typically, the transition to a new processor is easy.  MyCardGuys will be on-site to install and train, and we will assist in closing out the account with your current processor.  If your current processor has a termination fee, let us know.  We may be able to pay all or part of that fee.  You receive a direct cell phone number for support.  Does that sound better than what you have now?  Schedule your appointment with MyCardGuys today!


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